Cultivation process

At the beginning, there is microalgae called Haematococcus pluvialis. The cultivation process has two phases – green and red. During the green phase, the algae are cultivated in micromodules where they multiply. When exposed to UV radiation, the algae start to produce astaxanthin to protect themselves from the rays and they turn red (astaxanthin is a red colorant) – that is the so called red phase. The cultivation takes place under laboratory conditions.

See the process background in our video and photo gallery below.

production scheme of algae with a high content of astaxanthin

Benefits of Algamo Ltd.

- Natural astaxanthin producer
- Fully system-controlled process from the beginning till the end
- Own laboratory
- Optimal proportion between price and quality

- Non-GMO
- Allergen free
- ISO certification
- Organic product certification
- Certification ECOCERT
- Controlled closed cultivation system
- Supercritical CO2 extraction

- Regular inspection
- Final inspection by an accredited laboratory
- Eco-friendly production (use of green energy and heat from neighboring biomass power plant)
- Own source of quality groundwater

Supply stability
- Completely sustainable project - Sustainability and green energy is one of the most discussed topics in current world. As Algamo is supplied with the electric energy by the neighboring project only, the biomass power plant – MOSTEK energo, it fulfils the requirement of a fully green project.
- Closed production system - It is proved that the entirely closed systems result in higher concentrations of astaxanthin in the biomass compared to open pond systems. Another benefit of the closed system is that it is not dependent on the weather conditions. Some may claim that the closed systems are risky due to their high surface area and many nooks and crannies in such systems that make them susceptible to contamination. However, in cooperation with Subitec, Algamo possesses technology which not only mitigates this risk but also enables continuous production.
- Own water source - Contamination of the alga from water is one of the most common risks in astaxanthin production. Algamo disposes of own source of clean mountain water, which is under strict quality control.
- Own extraction facility - Astaxanthin extraction using superficial CO2 is proven market standard. Own facility means higher reliability of the producer, who may control his production extraction capacities. Until development of own facility, Algamo is cooperating with Nateco2, one of the most respected companies in this field in the EU.

Astaxanthin - The King of Antioxidants

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