Astaxanthin Dogs Sight

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Astaxanthin Dogs Sight

Highly concentrated supplementary dog food with high astaxanthin content.

Astaxanthin Dogs Sight


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Brand new product – highly concentrated supplementary dog food with high astaxanthin content. Astaxanthin DOGS Sight helps to protect the eyes and can prevent eye diseases. The spray contains high percentage of lutein, astaxanthin and vitamin E. These antioxidants protect the organism from free radicals and oxidative stress. The spray also helps to maintain normal function of the immune system.

Suitable for all breeds.

Dosage: Apply one full squirt (120 mg) on the dog’s regular food. Use one squirt per 5 kg of weight. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. The supplement is safe in long-term use. Warning: For animals only. Keep out of reach of children.

Mix of antioxidants in spray for a great condition of the dog’s eyes. Ingredients (in 1 dose, 120 mg): bio sunflower oil, Astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis, oleoresin) 0,1 mg, lutein 1 mg. Adjuvant: vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) – stabilizer.

Best before end: 01/2020. Store in a dry and dark place up to 25 °C.

Batch no.: O001

Producer: Produced in the Czech Republic.

Distributor: Bonaloka Ltd.,

Antala Staška 510/38, Prague 4,

140 00, Czech Republic.

Original recipe:

Dr. R. Pfleger

Spray package: 15 ml, approx. 100 doses/squirts

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